Did you know that Newport is an official Bee Friendly City, accredited by the Welsh Government?! Well, the team at Friars Walk have been doing their bit for the environment by providing nectar rich plants for them to feed on. This is just one way that we can help the declining numbers of bees and other pollinators. If you look carefully at the planters in John Frost Square, you can often see bumblebees and butterflies foraging in the flower beds! Look out for: Large white butterflies, Common Carder Bees, Peacock Butterflies & Honey Bees.

We are also helping our local wildlife by providing them with places to nest and shelter. Our new Bug Boxes provide the perfect habitat for important invertebrates such as lacewings, ladybirds and even some butterflies. Solitary bees will also use the bamboo tubes to nest in.

Emily Grimes, Deputy Centre Manager at Friars Walk has been spearheading the project: “Being in the heart of the city centre, we wanted to do all we could to help develop the green spaces in Newport – not only for the enjoyment of our visitors – but also for our local wildlife! We have been working closely with environmental experts within Newport City Council to identify the optimal range of plants for the area, so that we can attract butterflies and bees, and you may have spotted our new bug boxes too! One thing which many people also don’t know is that Friars Walk has its own green roof! The best vantage point is from the rooms in the new Mercure Hotel, and right now it’s looking beautifully vibrant, so it makes for a lovely view!”