Photography Policy


We are committed to protecting and ensuring the security of our customers and staff at Friars Walk and our policy on photography, filming and use of recording devices has been developed with this commitment in mind. We would ask for our customers’ co-operation in helping us and our security staff to ensure that this policy is complied with in a common sense way.

So that we can protect the security and respect the privacy of staff and members of the public we and our security staff may approach and question anyone who we reasonably suspect is taking photographs or filming in breach of this policy and ask to see the photographs and films of those people to check if they comply with this policy. Further guidance can be sought by contacting centre management on 01633 253723.


Photography or filming of the interior or exterior of the building, security staff or security systems using handheld technology (mobile phones, smart phones, tablet devices and laptops) will be monitored for security reasons.

Any photography must be solely for personal use and the images must not be published or reproduced in print or electronically for commercial use, editorial use or private gain. (If this is the case you must apply for consent as below in the section PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS / VIDEOGRAPHERS)

You may take photographs of and film your family and friends, other people who have given you their express permission and the public areas of the shopping centre generally. Photography of the non-public areas or our security systems and procedures is not allowed.

The photographing/filming of individual storefronts is a matter for the respective business – each business is likely to have their own policy so you must obtain prior consent of the individual store.

You must not photograph or film people other than your family of friends unless they have given their express consent. We do understand that other people may appear in the background of photographs – we do not object to this provided that these other people are not the focus of the photograph or film and you have not deliberately included them.


Applications for this kind of photography must be made via email to the centre management with at least 48 hour’s notice and be supported by risk assessments, method statements and public liability insurance.  The use of any images taken within the centre must be agreed by centre management and signed off prior to publication.


Press photographers responding to our press releases are asked to contact Friars Walk for information prior to taking any photographs.