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What’s ‘On the Lawn’ this Summer?

Date: 03/05/2017

Coming Up: 

27th May – 4th June

Sport on the Lawn

This half term experience sporting activities where you can take part in tennis, basketball, golf and rugby. Along with outdoor family games including Connect 4, Jenga and Snakes and Ladders.

12th June - 16th June


Art on the Lawn


Join us for some after school arts and crafts on the lawn (weather permitting!). It’s Children’s Art Week and we’ll be supporting the National campaign with creative crafting, sticking and printing. Pop along from 4pm and get stuck in. Don’t forget it’s FREE parking from 4-7pm Weekdays.


 22nd and 23rd July

The Big Splash

‘On the Lawn’ is one of the places to catch FREE Street theatre and music this summer. London based, acrobatic and circus marvels, Mimbre will be performing an acrobatic on Saturday whilst Sunday welcomes New Orleans jazz music from Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, comedy chefs Schmutter Brothers as well as performances by Newport performers Mr & Mrs Clark. 
And if you’re bored of lounging, head up to John Frost Square where more family shows and walkabout performers will be entertaining the crowds www.bigsplashnewport.com